“YOU” Have A Story to Tell…

Tree of Life 1Whether it’s an article, book, or verbal storytelling, everyone has a story to tell  and share and many of us need to hear stories.  That is how we learn, get inspired and enjoy our time.  While we are all “living stories”, often people forget to tell those stories to others who are waiting to hear those stories.

Holding us back is thinking our story and experience  is not  that important, believing no one wants to hear what we have to share  and the busyness of life gets in the way. There are friends, old and new, people with similar struggles and victories and families who often wonder about another member of the family. (personal & professional)  

A story shared makes a holiday special, a hurt feel better, enlightens a person about an event, place or experience and someday leaves a legacy.  Should you begin to document those stories or simply share them verbally, you will find a new contentment and inner peace.  Have fun with this idea.   It might turn into something grand.