In the 1980’s and 1990’s, Sharon Wegscheider Cruse was a leader in the fields of family therapy, co-dependency and addiction treatment. She wrote several books and produced several films that shaped the direction of counseling and treatment for individuals and families. Her methods were the basis of not only her successful residential program Onsite Workshops (currently in Tennessee) – but influenced countless programs in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Onsite continues today with an alumni of 42,000+ individuals and family members. Her books and films continue to be used in countless training programs. She was also a protégé of Virginia Satir (founder of family therapy). Her life partner has worked with her both at Onsite and in the development of training films and publications of books.

Sharon did many films in the early days of her career, but two have remained as relevant today as they were when first filmed. One is THE FAMILY TRAP and the other is INTIMACY AND SEXUALITY. They are used in both treatment and training programs and many counselors use them in their practice.

These classic DVD’s are available through Onsite Workshops  and are available for use in today’s treatment and training programs. They are as relevant today as they were when originally developed. They are what are called the classic series.

The Family Trap



First developed in the 1980s and updated in the 1990’s, this video is the original foundation for understanding Sharon’s family system concepts and the development of her roles (Family Hero, Scapegoat, Lost Child and Mascot). Not only are the roles an integral part of treatment and training programs, they have been used to understand systems in corporations, industry, schools, churches, foundations and any other group of people who develop a system.




Sexuality and Intimacy


The Sexuality and Intimacy video is appropriate for couples to use in their personal relationship or for any kind of counseling/mental health program to use in their programs. It is a clear and direct explanation of the issues couples face when their sexual life is not meeting their needs. It has had a very positive outcome when used personally or professionally.

These videos are available through Onsite Workshops. Please print and mail the order form
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