Timeless Time

Have you ever awakened one morning and clearly knew it was time for something in your life to end. It has happened to me many times, but two times were very big.  Twenty years ago, I knew it was time for me to stop working in my career. I was a family therapist specializing in the fields of mental health and addictions. I was at the top of career. I really loved every minute of it. However, one morning, I felt like Garrison Keilor (Prairie Home Companion Storyteller) when he said, “ I have been everywhere and seen nothing but airports and conference rooms). By then I had been on the road teaching and training for twenty years. The truth was that I had a hunger for “more”.  More what?

It came to pass that I needed “time”. The term “timeless time” was one I created at that time. There was a need in my life for time that wasn’t scheduled. I wanted more choices in my life. And I wanted freedom from being tethered to the phone and computer. Weariness and fatigue had set in. Within 3 months, I retired (redirected). The how and why of it will come later in my blogs. It was a big decision to leave at the top of my career. However, the step was taken. This was very unsure footing.

It has now been twenty years and I have enjoyed fun writing, tap danced for fifteen years (took me into a totally unfamiliar and wonderfully creative world), took a trip around the world on a ship for three months, experienced many different cultures, moved to new states twice, laughed, cried, experienced heartbreak and grief, took the time to heal, read the books I wanted to read, hosted countless dinner parties and dinners. I loved it all. Taking the time “to do” a bucket list instead of  “making one” was the best decision every made. It came with some limitations and many choices. It was all done with some mistakes, many celebrations and victories. What was important is that I felt, absorbed, and appreciated the journey. How I did that and what I took with me and what happened will also be part of my blogs. Now that part of my life is finished. It’s been twenty years of  “lessons learned”. The journey now is to understand and reflect on the happenings experienced. Again, I need “timeless time”.

My plan now is to simply “harvest” my life experience.

I feel myself moving from “doing” to “being” and of life fully lived. That is important to me going forward. With so many people being “past the baby boomer” time and moving into the future, you might be interested in forging your own path. I know I stand on the shoulders of many who came before me. May I be a link in a chain to some of you, my readers, as you navigate down the path of change. You have a story and its uniquely yours and there are people who will never know your story if you don’t tell it. Telling that story has joy, fear, fun, loss and grief and great inner peace. Sometimes, I have to rope in my creativity – it explodes.

As the 55+ baby boomers enter the age of becoming sages, storytelling and time to reflect, we will all become more confident sages and find in each other ideas and plans Follow my blogs and maybe you too will find that its time to take another step in your own evolution. Robert Browning said, “Come along with me, the best is yet to be”.