Special “one of a kind” gathering

This past week, having been with my tribe of wise women at Miraval Wellness Resort.  I had the honor of facilitating this special “one of a kind” gathering.   I feel full.    

IMG_5390It was fun, challenging and inspiring to be with women who are wise sages and still want more.  Sharing our history, our present challenges and making our dreams come true was empowering.  

We learned to let the experiences go and keep the wisdom of each of our own individual paths and support each other as we progress.  We decided to “trust the process” and take whatever steps we need  to move forward with our goals, our plans and our commitment “to be”.  

Support and sharing with honesty and caring women helps each woman feel stronger, wiser and more connected.   We explored when we have had “enough” of anything and want to “tidy up” our lives in general. We included space, emotions, work and baggage.  When do we each want more and how do we get there?  We are all on our way in every stage of life.  Gratitude for this rich sharing was a highlight of this workshop.