It was about 2:30 pm three days ago, and the phone rang.  It was the President of my Publishing Firm and he said.

“I’m standing by the press that is rolling off your new work.  He added——Looks good and great work!”

…….In  less than 24 hours, I was holding this new book.  It was a lifetime of stories that have changed my life and the lessons learned from those stories.  Small town girl to author and counselor and then on to entrepreneurship.  Stories  of giving a speech to the first lady of the United States in her bedroom, to serving as counselor for a professional hockey tea, to traveling the world for the air force, to wearing ball gowns that matched the chalk for the chalkboard at fund raisers.  

becoming_a_sageAll of this while holding fast to my ideal of “being there with and for my children.”  Family addiction could not hold back the dreams of a life well lived…

When my mom said to me as a child “I hope God is good to us because the sea is so wide and our boats are so small”…. I decided to build a bigger boat.  

I wonder about your story – who are  you and what has been your journey?  This book was written with the intent that you would experience how simple it is to tell your story———through words and /or writing and feel the burst of hope, healing and energy that comes with airing out history and using it to celebrate life more fully.  Pre-order now at Amazon.  The book will be mailed out Feb. 16th.  I am looking at my copy right now and it gives me great joy.