Mixed Holiday Season

burgundy-holiday-ornaments_fkgmGFSdFeeling pulled apart at this time of the year? The three major focuses are family (historical and current), work (have to) social life and personal time. That’s a heavy load anytime, but during the holiday obligations often times spiral out of control. Wish there was some magical way to evenly prioritize the categories. There “isn’t”. They are all important.  The only way I have learned to manage this time is to recognize and face that I can’t do everything in every category.  That means I have had to learn to say “no” to some things.

It’s never hard to say “no” between good things and things I am less interested in. Obviously I want to do the good things.  But if I eliminate all the things less interesting to me, I am left with all good things.  However, time demands I can’t have them all and I need to pay attention to what good things I am willing to give up so I can enjoy better things.  Then I find I am doing all better things, right down to even getting in all my daily exercise.

However, once my life is a series of all better things, this busy season brings so many better things that I still have to give up some really better things in order to have the best of the holiday season.  When all my decisions are between the best and the best, there is time for everything including personal time and healthy choices.  It’s been a hard task, but it’s worth it.  It’s a way of saying “I count myself in” as a value.  Saying “no” easily and often is a part of self care.

“No” is a complete sentence and does not need to be explained.  If not accepted by someone, that’s a relationship to take a closer look at whether it’s a good one for you.

This year one of my better things in life is my fairly new relationship to social media.  It’s also a year where I have more opportunity than usual to see my family members in person. They live 1000’s of miles apart.

So until January 4th, I’m taking a break from social media.  I  am excited to reconnect in 2016.  I am here, I am happy and healthy and I have decided.  What do you need for your SELF during this season?