Holidays Bring the Best and the Worst

Link in a ChainMy worst holiday season was when I was a new young mother, just having given birth to a daughter and my dad committed suicide on Christmas Eve.  The shock lasted for years and still pops up during the holiday season.

My best Christmases are when I am with Joe and my grown family of three children, their spouses and seven grandchildren.  In recently reading Terry Hershey’s book titled Sanctuary, he creates a concept of having Sanctuary as a place you can go and be safe and also having a Sanctuary within oneself.  His book was life affirming for me and I want to add that I also believe we need a Sanctuary between.  Many relationships in our world personally and professionally need healing.

Life is so short and fleeting.  We are simply a link in the universe of chains, but our importance comes from “which” family, personally and professionally.  My history and my future are linked by me and it’s a daunting task to cement my role in that link.  During the last year and a half, I have written my memoirs and when I finished, my realization is that they are for me and for whoever wants to read them.  I will be letting my readers know when it’s available. It is listed on Amazon and pre-orders are coming in.  It’s called “Becoming a Sage”.   It’s also the story of how Onsite workshops were born and developed.

When I asked a young man (about 19) at a department store if he knew what a Sage was and he replied,  “A Sage is when you experience life fully and then learn all the lessons from that experience”.  Pretty good from a temporary store clerk about l9 years of age.  I saw his soul and, in our brief interchange, I reflected on his wisdom.  My belief is that when experience and life collide, wisdom will be born and reborn over and over again.

sharonwcruseAfter not celebrating the holidays for five years after my father’s death, it became a family tradition again when my son was 5, my daughter 3 and I was pregnant with my third child.  My search for Sanctuary is not complete, but because of Terry Hershey’s book, I have a good name for the contentment and inner peace during this year’s holiday.