Giraffe Medicine

Giraffes copyFor years, I have belonged to a small personal group (professional women) who try to fill each day and each life we are in contact with some respite from the trauma and “bad news of the day”. These are traumatizing times for many people. Constant swaying between apathy, greed, loss and lack of humanity.

We chose the giraffe as our mascot and a symbol of what brings us together and helps set our agendas. The giraffe has a very large heart for a mammal. It also “sticks its neck out”. We like to think we will take risks to protect, to shelter and to help those in need, and we hope to pursue whatever it takes to keep our vision as clear as possible. The giraffe has great vision as it rises above the obvious to a greater picture of what is happening. Giraffe medicine, in our opinion, is important wisdom taken in and then acted upon.

Please take a moment out of your busy life and let “giraffe medicine” find you. To discuss further, please contact me at Share with me your efforts at seeking the higher ground.