My new Book: Becoming a Sage


Who would have thought the decade of being 60+ would turn out to be such a fulfilling decade age wise? With great situations like getting married, having babies, going to college, remembering high school events and the fact that younger ages meant top health, great strength and a sense of innocence, what a surprise that 60+ is such adventurous age to be.

Facts are: you might be able to spend fewer working hours, might get that chance to volunteer in a passionate interest, take that rainy or snowy morning and sleep in from time to time, get together with friends for more than one day, travel, explore, have more disposable income than when young, drive a better car, have time for relationships in a more committed way, take up a new interest (painting, writing, kayaking, cross country skiing, swimming, read the books you buy and the list goes on and on.

Its seems that physically, socially and mentally, 60+ is more like 35+ and a wonderful age to fully absorb all the wonderful things the world has to offer. For me, everything came late. We are all different as to when “our world” really began”. My greatest gift when young was the births of my three children that still pull love out of my heart every day. Those were the events of my twenties. My thirties started me on a career path (including 9 years of college) , my forties brought me my soulmate of 30+ years, my fifties brought me to the pinnacle of my career, and also brought me another lifetime joy, my seven grandchildren.

In my 60+ years, I became a tap dancer, published several books, took several trips and the best being a “trip around the world for 3 months”, learned to give interesting and fun dinner parties, volunteered in an anonymous kindness group, facilitated a group for mothers who had lost children (did this for 7 years), lived in three different states, and how many more events and relationships are to come. Hard to know which decade is the best and much more fulfillment and harvest is to come.   Is there anyone out there who would like to connect? Let me know. We can harvest together.