Education and Wisdom are very different gifts 

man-person-apple-iphoneTo be wise is to have experienced life’s lessons and learned from them.  To know that a tomato is a fruit (technically) and still not add it to a fruit salad is wisdom. 

John is a wise man.  He has a PhD in psychology, maintains a full counseling schedule and has a few hobbies and multiple friends.  He is close to his family.  Earlier, upon receiving his doctorate, he became a public speaker and traveled extensively.  The pressure to write a book became part of an urge to do more. When John was at the top of his career, he quit. He was gone more than home, preoccupied with production, numbers of contacts on his computer, answering Facebook, making money and he was tired and miserable.  Loneliness was part of his daily life.  John’s experience with fragmentation and fatigue took over his manageable life.  He was under intense pressure.  After he quit his “treadmill life”, he made new choices.  His wisdom came together and he set boundaries and learned to say “no”.

Today his relationships are reconnected, his job much happier, his health in better condition. John has learned the difference between education and wisdom.