Celebrate Each Lesson Learned

Sandy and Sharon copyBaby boomers, growing older, excitement, opportunity and possibility all have something in common.   Emerging is a societal change looking to this enormous number of people for wisdom, innovation, energy and creativity in the work force, on the home front and in the main stream.  The old paradigm of people doing less and pulling out of the work place and society as they mature has gone away and is replaced with the power and inspiration the aging baby boomers are bringing to the forefront

They have more experience, lessons learned, disposable income and health than many of the junior people they work and play with.  Collaboration of each generation’s gifts are “what is happening now” and its never been a more productive time, personally and professionally.

 The growing and aging baby boomers are becoming catalysts for change in the 3rd and 4th quarter of their lives.  They are incorporating physical, psychological, social and productive well-being.  Celebrate each lesson learned from each decade.