Month: January 2016


It was about 2:30 pm three days ago, and the phone rang.  It was the President of my Publishing Firm and he said. “I'm standing by the press that is rolling off your new work.  He added——Looks good and great work!" …….In  less than 24 hours, I was holding this new book.  It was a lifetime of stories that have changed my life and the lessons learned from those stories.  Small town girl to author and counselor and then on to entrepreneurship.  Stories  of giving a speech to the first lady of th...
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Holidays Bring the Best and the Worst

My worst holiday season was when I was a new young mother, just having given birth to a daughter and my dad committed suicide on Christmas Eve.  The shock lasted for years and still pops up during the holiday season. My best Christmases are when I am with Joe and my grown family of three children, their spouses and seven grandchildren.  In recently reading Terry Hershey’s book titled Sanctuary, he creates a concept of having Sanctuary as a place you can go and be safe and also having a Sanctu...
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