Month: October 2015

Timeless Time

Have you ever awakened one morning and clearly knew it was time for something in your life to end. It has happened to me many times, but two times were very big.  Twenty years ago, I knew it was time for me to stop working in my career. I was a family therapist specializing in the fields of mental health and addictions. I was at the top of career. I really loved every minute of it. However, one morning, I felt like Garrison Keilor (Prairie Home Companion Storyteller) when he said, “ I have been ...
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We All Make Mistakes

Our home for 12 years had been a rustic and beautiful log cabin in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  It had a humongous storage area in the attic and we used it to store everything we didn’t use and yet wanted to keep.  There were all my babies special items in case I would have grandchildren, my 22 yard satin wedding dress in case either of my daughters wanted to use it for their wedding, my mother’s blond furniture from the 50’s and a standing ashtray, now an antique or good prop for the TV sh...
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A Hard Decision

Both my soulmate Joe and I  have been accused of working way too much, bordering on workaholism.  The problem is that we loved our work so much, we couldn’t decide what was work and what was play. Taking time off was something hard to do for each of us.  We made a pact that in a particular year,  we were going to take a significant vacation.   That brought up one of our big differences.  My husband is social person, a risk taker and loves lots of excitement.  I am reflective, need more alone tim...
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It Takes a Village

My lesson learned is that "the human spirit" can recover and heal. It takes patience, gut level sharing with family and friends, research, and lots of soul searching. It also takes love from those that mean a great deal. (family and friends). I am also fortunate because I believe in counseling and advice. I have two mentors who have helped me through this last year. Last year was devastating with the serious illness of my youngest daughter, the illness and quick death of my younger Sister, famil...
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