Giraffe Medicine

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For years, I have belonged to a small personal group (professional women) who try to fill each day and each life we are in contact with some respite from the trauma and "bad news of the day". These are traumatizing times for many people. Constant swaying between apathy, greed, loss and lack of humanity. We chose the giraffe as our mascot and a symbol of what brings us together and helps set our agendas. The giraffe has a very large heart for a mammal. It also "sticks its neck out". We like to...
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“YOU” Have A Story to Tell…

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Whether it's an article, book, or verbal storytelling, everyone has a story to tell  and share and many of us need to hear stories.  That is how we learn, get inspired and enjoy our time.  While we are all “living stories”, often people forget to tell those stories to others who are waiting to hear those stories. Holding us back is thinking our story and experience  is not  that important, believing no one wants to hear what we have to share  and the busyness of life gets in the way. There are...
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Each person has a story

It doesn’t matter which book or which city we are in when we feel like we have given birth to something that is meaningful.  Publishing “Becoming a Sage” felt like giving birth to an entity that didn’t exist before.  Being an author is an awesome experience.  The time was last week and the place was Nashville, TN.  In the pages of this book, there is laughter, tears, wonder, confusion, anger and 40 historical years. Each person has a story and the goal in writing this book was to inspire each ...
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Education and Wisdom are very different gifts 

To be wise is to have experienced life’s lessons and learned from them.  To know that a tomato is a fruit (technically) and still not add it to a fruit salad is wisdom.  John is a wise man.  He has a PhD in psychology, maintains a full counseling schedule and has a few hobbies and multiple friends.  He is close to his family.  Earlier, upon receiving his doctorate, he became a public speaker and traveled extensively.  The pressure to write a book became part of an urge to do more. When John wa...
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It was about 2:30 pm three days ago, and the phone rang.  It was the President of my Publishing Firm and he said. “I'm standing by the press that is rolling off your new work.  He added——Looks good and great work!" …….In  less than 24 hours, I was holding this new book.  It was a lifetime of stories that have changed my life and the lessons learned from those stories.  Small town girl to author and counselor and then on to entrepreneurship.  Stories  of giving a speech to the first lady of th...
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Holidays Bring the Best and the Worst

Link in a Chain
My worst holiday season was when I was a new young mother, just having given birth to a daughter and my dad committed suicide on Christmas Eve.  The shock lasted for years and still pops up during the holiday season. My best Christmases are when I am with Joe and my grown family of three children, their spouses and seven grandchildren.  In recently reading Terry Hershey’s book titled Sanctuary, he creates a concept of having Sanctuary as a place you can go and be safe and also having a Sanctu...
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